New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Thinks He Can Buy Your Gun Rights

New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Thinks He Can Buy Your Gun Rights

— Vote NO on Question 1

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg thinks he can buy your gun rights through a New York-orchestrated national gun registry initiative, which will be coming on Nevada’s ballot on November 8.

Bloomberg’s gun ban — Question 1 — would effectively outlaw almost all private gun sales in the state of Nevada.

You won’t be able to buy a gun from your next door neighbor whom you’ve know all your life — unless you and your neighbor trundle into town, spill all your information to a dealer and the FBI, pay any fee that the FFL determines is “reasonable,” and hope you’re not one of the 95% of all initial denials that get a “false positive.” 

If this happens, your gun rights are toast, because the government will always have a say in whether you can buy a gun.

Question 1 will criminalize many innocent activities with guns

Even the “temporary transfer” of a firearm for hunting or shooting would be illegal (or risky) in most cases.  

If target shooting occurs in the backyard, rather than a government-approved range, you are a criminal.  

If you show a friend your gun and then leave the room, you are a criminal.  

If your hunting partner violates the tiniest regulation, you are a criminal.  

If you loan or give a gun to your great-grandchildren, you are a criminal.

So the statute has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. 

And that’s intentional, on the part of a former mayor who all but banned firearms ownership in his city, and sent entrapment artists to arrest law-abiding gun dealers in other jurisdictions.

Bloomberg bandies about “statistics” suggesting it will be quick and easy for you and your purchaser and/or seller to go to a gun store, which could be a long way from home.  

But Bloomberg is pretty much a pathological liar, arguing that gun owners want more gun control.  So Bloomberg’s lies have to pretty much be taken with a grain of salt.

And if you’re one of those Nevadans who live 100 miles from a town, you’re screwed.  

Your Second Amendment rights would effectively go away.  

And, of course, gun shows will be, in many cases, ruined.

Question 1 and Gun Owner Registration

Then there’s this problem:  The ATF, over our strenuous objections, has recently been copying form 4473’s in connection with its annual dealer inspection.  

Reportedly, it has been entering this information in a computer-readable form.  

This means that, if you have a 4473, you will be on ATF’s computerized national gun registry.  

And, under the Bloomberg Ban, virtually all Nevadans will have a 4473 for virtually all guns.  

Given that Hillary Clinton is promising to re-impose a semi-auto ban by fiat, this will give the ATF a list of doors to break down.

Of course, given that every recent mass shooter either passed a background check or stole his guns, Bloomberg’s national gun registry would have no crime-related benefit.  

Rather, as his spokesman Mark Glaze made clear when a similar proposal was defeated in the U.S. Senate, this is just a stepping stone to the next demand for more gun control.

So Nevada is a crossroads.  You can forfeit many of your Second Amendment rights for no law enforcement benefit.  

Or you can stand and fight this abomination.

Please be sure to make your pro-gun family and friends aware of Question 1 and to get to the polls to vote against it.


Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America