Stop Schumer Gun Control!

Here’s How You Can Take Action to Stop Schumer’s Gun Control!

Many Americans have been permanently prevented from purchasing firearms because of a Chuck Schumer amendment — enacted in the early 1990s — that prevents many potential gun buyers from getting their rights restored. 

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to contact the House CJS Subcommittee chairman, Rep. John Culberson.  Urge him to remove the anti-gun Schumer amendment from the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill — thus, deleting the anti-gun language from federal law. 


Use the pre-written letter below to contact Rep. Culberson. Simply cut-and-paste the letter below and email Culberson here:  [email protected]

You can also call his office at: (202) 225-2571.

—– Pre-written letter to Cut-and-Paste —–

Subject:  Remove anti-gun Schumer ban from CJS appropriations bill

Dear Rep. Culberson: 

For twenty-five years now, Republican appropriators have been giving Senator Chuck Schumer one anti-gun victory after another after another — all without firing a shot. 

It’s time that Republican appropriators stood up to Schumer and stood up FOR the Second Amendment. 

Here’s the deal:  The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 contained a provision which would allow persons subject to a gun ban to regain their constitutional rights. 

Make no mistake about it:  The procedure is no “piece of cake.” A person has to convince the ATF that they don’t represent a danger, or, failing that, they have to convince a federal court. 

But even this is too much for the gun-hating Schumer.  For roughly 25 years, the “Schumer amendment” to the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill has prohibited any federal funds from being used to restore anyone’s constitutional rights. 

So for much of this time, if a person were a veteran with PTSD, they’re out of luck.  If they had a conviction for a federal regulatory offense — fifty years ago — they’re out of luck.  They will NEVER get their guns back, thanks to Democrat Chuck Schumer. 

This is particularly ironic in view of Democrat’s conspicuous efforts to get voting rights for convicted drug traffickers:

* In Philadelphia, Democrat officials refuse to cleanse the voting rolls of serial murderers, even if they’re in prison.  (Source:

* In Virginia, anti-gun Democrat Terry McAuliffe individually signed 60,000 pardons for dangerous criminals — so they could cast decisive ballots for “Hillary.” (Source:

And yet, if someone got in a bar fight fifty years ago in a state without a commutation procedure, they will never get their constitutional rights restored — so long as the Schumer amendment continues. 

As you know, the Schumer amendment isn’t permanent law.  It’s re-enacted annually on each year’s appropriations bill.  And you will determine whether it’s in the original version of the bill — the “chairman’s mark” — and, hence, whether it’s re-enacted between now and September. 

Gun Owners of America has made a formal request to you for deletion of the Schumer amendment.  But I wanted to let you know that, as a gun-owning American — I also hope you will make the right choice and delete the Schumer amendment. 

So please, Congressman Culberson, make the right choice and delete the Schumer amendment from this year’s Commerce-Justice-Science “chairman’s mark.”