How Can You Tell When an Anti-Gun Politician is Feeling the Heat?

How Can You Tell When an Anti-Gun Politician is Feeling the Heat?

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How Can You Tell When an Anti-Gun Politician is Feeling the Heat?

You can always tell when an anti-gun politician is feeling the heat:  they run an ad of themselves firing a weapon.

This is what’s going on with Rob Quist, who wants to be Montana’s next congressman.

First, Quist picks up the anti-gunner’s favorite misinformation campaign, referring to semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons.” 

Then he told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

“They’re only meant to kill people,” he said.  “So maybe there should be some legislation to register those types of things. You register your car to drive, why not register guns.  I know that’s a touchy subject for a lot of people …”

Well, Quist must have heard from a “lot of the people,” because now he’s trying to say he supports gun rights in a new TV ad.  

The ad was panned by Montana Shooting Sports Association’s Gary Marbut.  You can see the ad and Gary’s take on it here:

The last thing Montanans need is a congressman who will go along with the gun ban crowd.

That’s why Gun Owners of America proudly supports Greg Gianforte for Congress.

Greg is a successful, job-creating businessman who is 100 percent in support of our gun rights. 

In addition to filling out our candidate questionnaire in support of the Second Amendment, Greg met with me and a member of GOA’s staff to go into even more detail about his philosophy of government, the Constitution, and the right to keep and bear arms.  

I can confidently urge you to cast your ballot for Greg Gianforte for Congress in the special election on Thursday, May 25.

His opponent — the one who wants to register your guns like we register cars — couldn’t even bother to return a candidate survey!

Special elections are notorious for low voter turnout.  

And believe me, that’s what the Left wants.  They’re pouring in millions of dollars to turn out the anti-gun vote, hoping that you’ll just sit this one out.

We can’t afford to let this seat flip into anti-gun hands.  

So I urge you to vote for Greg Gianforte for Congress — and make sure your friends get out to vote, too!

Thank you for helping to protect the Second Amendment by voting for Greg Gianforte on Thursday, May 25.


Tim Macy

P.S. Would you vote for someone who wants to register your firearms like you register your vehicle?  Would you like to see a DMV for gun owners?  

Me either.  That’s why I’m urging you to vote for Greg Gianforte for Congress.  There are already too many anti-gunners in Washington.  Let’s be sure the next congressman from Montana will protect your Second Amendment rights 100 percent of the time.  This is a special election (when voter turnout is always at its lowest) so your vote counts more than ever.