Now’s No Time To Rest On Our Laurels


— After Big Wins In Elections, It’s Time For GOA Membership To Grow

— After Big Wins In Elections, It’s Time For GOA Membership To Grow
Monday, November 22, 2010

Gun Owners of America was able to help elect 5 new pro-gun members to the United States Senate and more than 40 pro-gunners to the House of Representatives!


In an election where we were the ONLY NATIONAL GUN GROUP to help many of these candidates, it highlights just how critical the gun issue is to Americans, and how important you were to those victories.

GOA could not have done the work without the support of our members — and now, more than ever, we need your help to double or even triple our membership before 2012!!!

Why? Because 2012 will be a presidential election year and the radical left wing in America will once again be “all in” for Barack Obama.

If they turn out their forces to help Obama win re-election, those voters will translate down to votes for anti-gun members of Congress again, just as they did in 2008.

We can’t let that happen without a fight.

Gun Owners of America and GOA Political Victory Fund used limited resources this year to make great gains to protect the Second Amendment. If you can help us grow now, by alerting your family, friends and neighbors, to the work of GOA and the need for them to become members, we will be able to win additional races in 2012!

Believe me, the anti-gun left in this nation has not given up. They see the 2010 election as a hiccup, not the end of the battle or the war. And we can’t look at it that way either.

The bottom line in elections is that there is strength in numbers, and if GOA doubles in size NOW, we can multiply what we did this year by several times. That is real “bang for the buck.”

With our limited resources this year, we were able to travel around the country giving the voting records of the pro-gun and anti-gun candidates to their voters. We were able to make thousands of phone calls directly to pro-gun voters in the target districts. We were able to send mailings and e-mail alerts to our members to ask them to volunteer in key races.

And the payoff is those 5 new Senators and over 40 members of the House I mentioned above.

But our work is far from over!

Anti-gun Harry Reid is still in control as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate. Nancy Pelosi still wields her power in the House.


As I said, we cannot sit back now and think we won the war. We won the first battle over the Obama Administration and the radical left who still hold the leadership in the Senate.

That’s why Gun Owners of America needs you.

There is a reason why Congressman Ron Paul calls GOA the only “no compromise gun lobby in Washington.”

There is a reason why Senator Tom Coburn calls GOA the “real gun lobby in Washington D.C.”

And that reason is YOU!

Our members help put pressure on Congress every time we send one of our alerts asking you to contact your representatives about gun legislation.

When our lobbyists hit the halls of Congress and tell members we are opposed or supportive of a bill, they know our membership will also let them know WE ARE ALL WATCHING HOW THEY VOTE.

Just think how much more effective we can be if we double or triple our membership in the next 12 months!

2010 has been the “easy year” when it comes to election gains. We went out and picked the “low-hanging fruit.”

The races in 2012 will be for tougher districts, tougher candidates and we’ll also be fighting the Obama factor — where the radical left-wing will be pouring huge amounts of money and manpower to help make him a two-term president.

So, if you’ve just sat back to enjoy the many victories of November 2nd, DON’T!


You are our best salesperson to tell our story to your friends, neighbors and everyone you communicate with around the country.

Tell them that for a small membership donation of $20 or $30, they can be a major factor in not only stopping anti-gun laws… they can be part of the organization that is fighting to repeal the anti-gun laws already on the books.

I don’t care if they are hunters, shooters, collectors or just people who understand that the Second Amendment is critical to all our other freedoms, we need them as members of GOA.

And if they sign up to receive our GOA e-mail alerts, they can be part of our lobbying team of people all over the country who call, write and e-mail our elected leaders on important gun issues.

GOA and our members have stood alone many times when others compromised, or said legislation or Presidential appointments could not be stopped — and we have  proved the naysayers wrong.

WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE — your rights are not “bargaining chips” to be used at the negotiating table, and we will never treat them as such.

Don’t read this Alert and do nothing. Pass it on to everyone you know and ask them to join Gun Owners of America now by going to:

It will make a huge difference in the outcome of the 2012 elections and the future of this nation. Thank you.   

Tim Macy