More Representatives Call for Eric Holder’s Resignation


There’s great news happening inWashington, and you guys have played a central role in helping bring it about.  We need your help to keep us on the front lines

— Justice Dept. pulls regs authorizing lying to the public {flike}

There’s great news happening in Washington, and you guys have played a central role in helping bring it about.  We need your help to keep us on the front lines, so that we can keep winning more battles together in our nation’s capital.

First, however, there was an important hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the U.S. Senate and admitted that Operation Fast and Furious was “flawed” from the beginning.

But while he confessed the operation was a big mistake and should have “never happened,” he refused to say if anyone has been disciplined for their involvement in the scandal.  More on that below.

Your voice is being heard!

1. In related news, your letters, phone calls and emails are having an impact on Capitol Hill.

You will remember that right after we asked you to begin urging Congress to call on Eric Holder to resign, Representatives started calling immediately for his resignation.  Rep. Joe Walsh was the first one to urge this course of action, but then the list of congressmen began growing quite rapidly.

The list has doubled since we last alerted you, and there are now 35 Congressmen who have called for Holder’s resignation.  Thanks for your help!

2. In other news, the Justice Department pulled its obnoxious regulation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) directing government agencies to lie to the public.

GOA alerted you to these regs last week and asked you to put the heat on your Congressman.  Since Congress has the power to defund these regulations, GOA felt that this was the institution best suited to put the heat on the administration.

Now, one week later, the regs are gone!  Thank you all for your activism and for taking the time to contact your congressman.

Democrats:  It’s all Bush’s fault

If you’ve watched the news even minimally over the past three years, you are no doubt aware that President Obama has used the “Blame Bush” approach for everything that ails the economy.

Well, it seems that some of his pupils — like Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer (NY) and Pat Leahy (VT) — have adopted the same mantra.  They claim that Fast & Furious is simply a continuation of a Bush-era program known as Wide Receiver.

But as noted by researcher John Lott, Bush’s Wide Receiver tracing program and Obama’s Fast and Furious are very different.  After all, Fast and Furious was a “gun-tracing program that didn’t even try to trace guns.”

In sharp contrast, Lott says, Bush’s Wide Receiver “gave direct notice to the Mexican authorities so that they could try to track the guns as they crossed the border.”

Under Fast and Furious, the Obama Administration did not work with Mexican authorities, and that has led many observers to suggest the administration actually wanted guns flowing south of the border to help create the “need” for greater gun restrictions in this country.

As stated by Rep. Joe Walsh last month, Fast and Furious was a “deliberate attempt” to prejudice the millions of gun owners in America who value our Second Amendment and who have never broken the law.

“This program was deliberately designed to attack law-abiding American gun-owners and gun-dealers,” Walsh said.  “Why else would an anti-gun Administration force licensed firearms dealers to sell guns to violent criminals?”

Holder seeking more gun control restrictions

We need to keep pressure up.  Attorney General Holder is neither repentant, nor is he calling for reform.  Instead, he is doubling down and putting a target on gun owners’ backs.

“The mistakes of Operation Fast and Furious, serious though they were, should not deter or distract us from our critical mission to disrupt the dangerous flow of firearms across our Southwest border,” Holder said.

The “dangerous flow of firearms”?  Is he serious?  If he really wanted to stop the flow of weapons to Mexico, he would take a good, hard look in the mirror … and then step down from office.

Instead, he told Congress that we need to stem the “dangerous flow of firearms,” which is, of course, code for more gun control restrictions.  In fact, he urged Congress yesterday to give the ATF more power — “the resources and statutory tools it needs to be effective,” he said.

We don’t need more gun control, and we certainly don’t need more of the ATF in our lives.

GOA is looking forward to hearings that will be held in the House of Representatives next month.  GOA will be encouraging House members to really pin Holder down, and not let him dance around the way he did in the Senate.

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