MSNBC Analyst And Hard News Anchor Attack Second Amendment

So far this month, two MSNBC personalities—Alex Wagner and Craig Melvin—have twice mocked or otherwise maligned the Second Amendment and the people who look to it as a bedrock guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms. In one instance, Wagner even called for us to “

If you’re thinking that you’ve never heard of either Wagner or Melvin, that’s okay, no one else has either; they’re on MSNBC, for Pete’s sake.

Anyway, MSNBC or not, the two mental heavyweights each made some statements that are so ludicrous they must either flow from raw ignorance or an ideologically-driven arrogance that is unimaginable to the average American.

For example, on November 1st, Melvin was guest hosting News Nation when he tried to take Spartanburg, S.C. Sheriff Chuck Wright to task for suggesting women in Spartanburg should arm themselves to defend against would-be rapists. In fact, the Sheriff not only suggested getting a weapon, but actually used a press conference to describe the best kinds of handguns women should consider carrying: “They got one called ‘The Judge’ that shoots a .45 or a .410 shell. [With it] you ain’t gotta be accurate. You just gotta get close.”

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