On The Campaign Trail In Virginia


— GOA and GOA-PVF Endorse Morgan Griffith

— GOA and GOA-PVF Endorse Morgan Griffith

Gun Owners of America, and its Political Victory Fund, has endorsed Morgan Griffith for Congress in the 9th District of Virginia.

GOA-PVF Director of Communications Erich Pratt traveled to southwest Virginia to give a talk about how Gun Owners of America lobbies and to explain why the Political Victory Fund endorsed Griffith.

“We need someone who will go and shake up the establishment in Washington,” said Pratt to the assembled media at a press conference in Christiansburg.  “We need someone who will fight for our constitutional rights. We need a tough bulldog in Washington, not another wimpy Pelosi lapdog.”

The incumbent Democrat, Rep. Rick Boucher, voted several times to keep in place the gun ban in our National Parks.  While the park’s gun ban was later repealed, it was without Boucher’s help as he not only voted to maintain the ban, but to expand the amount of land where it would apply.

Boucher also helped Pelosi this year to narrowly pass the Free Speech Gag bill in the House.  This legislation — otherwise known as the DISCLOSE Act — would squelch the First Amendment rights of groups like GOA, making it difficult for us to use electronic media to criticize candidates before an election.

Boucher has also repeatedly refused to sign onto a Discharge Petition which would bring a repeal of the anti-gun ObamaCare law to the House floor for an immediate vote.  More than 170 Representatives have signed onto this Discharge Petition — some of them being Democrats.  But Boucher has refused to go against Pelosi on this matter.

Morgan Griffith, the Majority Leader in the Virginia House of Delegates, has a long history of supporting gun owners’ rights.  He fought to restore the right of concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol and to give non-permit holders the right to carry concealed in their automobiles.

Quite recently, a News7 SurveyUSA poll showed that Griffith has pulled into the lead ahead of Boucher.

For more information, you can visit Griffith’s website at:  http://morgangriffithforcongress.com



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