The Push For REAL Concealed Carry Reform

LD 1232 is a GOA Top Priority for 2011

Following great pro-gun strides in the wake of the 2010 elections, GOA is solidly on the offense in state legislatures across the nation.

Pay no attention to what the mainstream media might tell you about the difficulty in passing pro-gun laws right now. Media outlets do not decide elections and they certainly do not decide policy.

The simple fact of the matter is that in many states, the votes are there, the political will is there, and most importantly, YOU are there. With your constant activism, it becomes extremely painful for a politician to refuse to do the right thing.

And in Maine this year, we have a phenomenal opportunity in LD 1232. Authored by Representative Aaron Libby (R-139), LD 1232 would result in genuine right-to-carry for Pine Tree State citizens. No more begging government permission to exercise a right, no more bureaucratic hoops to jump through, and no more being put on government lists with no guarantee said lists won’t be used for future gun owners registration.

But wait, some might say. What about reciprocity? Without a permit, other states won’t recognize my right to carry.

That’s the real beauty of LD 1232. Modeled after legislation that originally passed in Alaska — and most recently Arizona and Wyoming — the bill makes obtaining a permit optional. If you desire to get one for reciprocity or other purposes, by all means do so. But you won’t HAVE to.

This concept is known as Constitutional Carry, sometimes called Alaska Carry. It’s a concept whose time has definitely come. All Maine gun owners are urged to get behind the bill and help send it to Gov. LePage’s desk!

LD 1232 has been referred to the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. A hearing has been scheduled for Monday, April 11. GOA will send out a confirmation of the hearing as the date approaches.

Action: The first step is to contact your State Representative right away. Politely insist that he or she publically support LD 1232.

Click HERE to find your Representative’s contact information. If you’re not sure of your district number, you can search by town HERE. A pre-written letter is provided below for your convenience.


—– Pre-written letter —–

Dear Representative,

Rep. Aaron Libby has recently introduced LD 1232, a major improvement of Maine’s concealed carry law. It is a bill whose time has definitely come.

It is genuine right-to-carry… in fact, I call it Constitutional Carry. While leaving the permit system in place for those who wish to go that route (for interstate reciprocity or another such purpose), LD 1232 makes that permit optional for law-abiding citizens.

This means that no longer will I have to get government permission to exercise what is clearly my right. No longer will I have to jump through a myriad of bureaucratic hoops just to prove my innocence.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to publically support LD 1232, to vote in favor of it at every opportunity, and to actively resist any weakening amendments.

Gun Owners of America will keep me informed. Thank you.