Gun Owners of America Supports Wyoming Constitutional Carry

— Wyoming Permitless Carry One Step Away From Becoming Law!

After withstanding several attacks from anti-gunners, SF 47 — which will allow Wyoming residents to carry a concealed firearm without first having to receive permission from the government — has passed both the House and Senate and is now on the desk of Gov. Matt Meade.

GOA alerted you about SF 47 in late January, and your hard work has definitely been critical in getting us to this point.

Now, gun owners should contact the Governor’s office and urge him to sign the Constitutional Carry bill into law! Please visit to contact Gov. Meade.

Citizens have a fundamental, constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That right is turned into a privilege if citizens first have to go to the government to obtain “permission” to carry a firearm.

Furthermore, no violent criminal is going to stand in line at the police station or sheriff’s office to apply for a concealed carry permit. So the permitting system only impedes the good guys, while not affecting the criminal element.

How will this affect reciprocity?

For purposes of reciprocity with other states, SF 47 makes obtaining a permit OPTIONAL. If you desire to get one for reciprocity or other purposes, you will still be able to do so — but you won’t HAVE to.

Essentially, with the passage of this bill, law-abiding Wyoming citizens will no longer have to beg government permission to exercise a right; no longer be faced with bureaucratic hoops to jump through; and, no longer be registered as a gun owner. There simply will not be any permit required to carry either openly or concealed.

The legislation was successfully navigated through the legislature by Representative Alan Jaggi (R-Lyman) and Senator Kit Jennings (R-Casper). Their bills passed overwhelmingly: 48-8 in the House and 20-10 in the Senate.

Again, please contact Gov. Meade’s office at and urge him to sign the Jaggi-Jennings Constitutional Carry bill.