New York, Connecticut, and the Plan to Take Away Your Guns

When Thomas Jefferson warned his peers (and his posterity) about the threat of expansive governments, he said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” In other words, the habit of looking to a government to meet our wants can be very costly because governments big enough to satisfy those wants are too large to control. In the end, all the goodies such a government provides come at a price too high: the price of freedom.

And although Jefferson issued this warning two centuries ago, many citizens in blue states like Connecticut and New York may think them strangely contemporary. And the reason they might think this is because politicians in those two states are openly pushing legislation that will control, if not take away all together, said citizens’ ability to exercise their God-given, 2nd Amendment rights.

For example, in New York, S.B. 2994 is currently making the rounds in that state’s senate. Not only will this legislation require gun owners to register every gun they own with the state, it will also charge them an annual per-gun fee for every gun they own. Moreover, gun owners will even have to tell the government where they store their guns when not in use.

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