WI: Constitutional Carry Bill Needs Your Help!

Wisconsin SB 619, a bill that would provide Constitutional Carry, has been stuck in the Senate and needs your help to get it out. 

Under Senate Bill 619, a person will be able to carry a concealed firearm in most places in the state, without having to beg the government for a permit. The bill removes the need for a license and lifts restrictions on where someone may carry a firearm. SB 619 also repeals the law against loading a firearm in a vehicle. Constitutional Carry is especially important at a time when crime is at a record high in many anti-gun cities, with citizens needing to defend themselves much more often. 

Twenty-one other states currently recognize that Americans have the right to carry a concealed gun for self-defense without first getting the government’s permission to exercise their constitutional rights.  These states, not coincidentally, are among the safest in the country. 

It’s well past time that Wisconsin joined these states and repealed the unreasonable and unconstitutional limits on its citizens’ exercise of their Second Amendment rights.   

Please urge your State Senator to support this bill ASAP.