WA: Urge Governor Inslee to Veto Anti-gun Bill

Unfortunately, SB 5038 – sponsored by Senator Patty Kuderer (D) – has passed in both chambers and was delivered to Governor Inslee’s desk.

As a reminder, this bill would prohibit the open carry of certain weapons at publicly-permitted demonstrations and at the state capitol. This limits your ability to peacefully demonstrate (exercising your First Amendment rights) while bearing arms (exercising your 2A rights). It also limits your ability to act in self-defense should an evil person target an event that is now gun-free.

We are doing everything we can at GOA to fight this bill, but despite the thousands of grassroots emails they received, the Washington Legislators passed it anyway.

Please take a final stand on this bill and urge Governor Jay Inslee to VETO this anti-gun bill ASAP.