The 2023 Virginia legislative session has begun and to mark the occasion Virginia Delegate Marie March, House District 7, has introduced Constitutional Carry HB 1393, a bill authorizing the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Specifically, Delegate March’s bill would allow anyone, both resident and non-resident, to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, so long as that person:

· is carrying in a location where they may lawfully open carry a handgun; and

· is qualified to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

Though not a perfect bill, passing HB 1393 would restore, in certain instances, the constitutionally-protected right of individuals to carry a concealed handgun for self-defence in Virginia.

And that’s why I need your help to ensure that we get as many co-sponsors as possible on Delegate March’s Constitutional Carry legislation.

So, please send a message to your State Delegate right away to co-sponsor, support, and pass Constitutional Carry in the Old Dominion.

Beyond taking action, GOA encourages you to attend VCDL’s Lobby Day on January 16th in Richmond beginning at 8am. More information is available here.