Another Terror Bill Coming

Another Anti-gun Terrorism Bill is Coming at You
— Clinton and Gingrich say they’ll reopen issue

(Tuesday, July 30) — Just when you thought it was time to go on the offensive and push for legislation repealing the Brady registration law (H.R. 2470), along comes another shot across our bow. On Sunday, President Clinton announced plans to push for new gun control legislation in the form of another government terror bill.

Unfortunately, high placed Republicans are going to help Clinton lead the charge against our rights. The Washington Post (7/29/96) quoted House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) as saying that there is a need “to find systematic ways to solve it [terrorism].” The “systematic ways” Gingrich was referring to is upcoming legislation providing for more government wiretapping, and for putting taggants in black and smokeless powder — the latter eventually resulting in the registration of ammunition. The Post quoted Gingrich also saying that he “would be willing to reopen debate on both issues [wiretapping and taggants] partly because of the Olympics bombing.”

[The problem, of course, with putting taggants in gunpowder is that besides being unsafe, the taggants serve as a registration mechanism. After all, the whole purpose for putting taggants in black or smokeless powder is to “register” the purchaser, so as to help the authorities find the criminal by following the trace left by the taggant. If Congress succeeds in requiring that taggants be put in all gunpowder, then it could eventually be put in ALL types of ammunition — thus registering gun owners in the process.]


* Call Newt Gingrich (1-800-962-3524; 202-225-4501; fax: 225-4656; Leadership Off. ph: 202-225-0600; fax: 225-7733). Tell him you don’t want more infringements upon our Second Amendment liberties. Neither do we want any more intrusions into the Bill of Rights. Have the intrusive (anti-terrorism) laws of England and Japan prevented terrorism acts in these respective countries? Hardly. Remind Mr. Gingrich that the first terror bill was a travesty. We certainly don’t need any more laws. Let’s register government officials, not gun owners (or their ammunition).

* Contact Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) and urge him to do everything in his power to lead the opposition forces against this new legislation. Most of the things the President wants are things that Rep. Barr removed from the original terror bill with an amendment. Urge Rep. Barr NOT to compromise, but remain steadfast in killing this legislation (ph: 202-225-2931; fax: 5-2944).

* Don’t forget to contact your Senators and Representatives (1-800-962-3524) and ask them to oppose any more government terror legislation!

Deja vu. Some gun owners have already started calling our office for a refresher on what was in the original terror bill that passed. In sum, the final bill: orders an “anti-hunter” rifle and ammo study; authorizes a $40 million pay increase for the BATF (through the Treasury Depart.); potentially punishes gun dealers and individuals for selling ammunition to someone they should have known would commit a violent crime; federalizes many state crimes, thus tremendously increasing the scope and jurisdiction of the BATF; restricts the right of habeas corpus in such a way as to severely damage the ability of the courts to rescue honest gun owners who are unjustly incarcerated; and much, much more.

Notable quote from CNN’s Crossfire last night: Bill Press to GOA’s Larry Pratt: “So your position as I understand it is: no controls on guns, no controls on phones . . . bombs away.” Larry Pratt: “In Europe it is bombs away already and they’ve already given up all these freedoms. Your solutions don’t work and I don’t want to go into your concentration camp.”