07/96 Dole Remains Entrenched

Dole Remains Entrenched
— Says America should “keep the assault weapons ban”

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(Friday, July 19) — On Larry King Live this week, former Senator Bob Dole continued his private war against the gun owners of this country. On July 15, Dole stated that, “My view is the [assault weapon ban] is moot. Just keep it. Keep the assault weapon ban.”(1) He then went on to plug the instant [registration] check as the alternative to repealing the gun ban.

As stated in earlier alerts, however, the instant registration check is just another form of gun control. Asking citizens to prove their innocence before they exercise a Constitutional right is anathema to the Constitution. Moreover, once officials enter the name into a computer to run a background check on a potential gun buyer, there are no guarantees that gun owners names will not be misused. Certainly, this country should learn something from the recent “Filegate” flap.

ANTI-GUNNER AS A VP PICK? There were other anti-gun tremors in the Dole campaign this week. The Washington Times quoted one Dole aide this week as saying that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge “is the top horse at the moment” for getting the Vice-Presidential nod from Dole. This should be of tremendous concern to gun owners.

In May of 1994, then Rep. Tom Ridge teamed up with President Bill Clinton, Sarah Brady (HCI) and Rep. Charles Schumer (D-NY) to pass the semi-auto gun and magazine ban. By casting his vote for the gun ban in a narrow 216 to 214 loss for America’s gun owners, Ridge’s one vote can arguably be blamed for its passage and subsequent inclusion in the Clinton crime bill of 1994.

In August of 1994, after GOA led a coalition of grassroots activists which nearly defeated the Clinton crime bill, Ridge continued his opposition to America’s gun owners. He voted for the rule to bring the crime bill and its gun ban to the floor for a vote. (Ridge was one of only 42 Republicans to do so.) He then voted for final passage of the crime bill — one of only 46 Republicans to do so.

In the Spring of 1995, Sarah Brady teamed up with newly elected Gov. Tom Ridge to push one of Pennsylvania’s most restrictive state gun control laws in a long time — Act 17. As Pennsylvania’s Governor, Ridge presided over the passage of Act 17, and then signed it into law. GOA opposed this bill from its inception and teamed up with several pro-gun state organizations to lead the national charge against the bill. Act 17 registered and taxed long gun buyers and placed other restrictions on Pennsylvanians’ gun rights.

DOLE CAMP PICKS ANTI-GUNNER TO GIVE KEYNOTE ADDRESS. Also this week, anti-gun Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) was picked to give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention in August. Rep. Molinari voted for the Brady bill, for the semi-auto ban, and for the Clinton crime and government terror bills. Molinari even carries the same grade as another anti -gun colleague from New York, Charles Schumer. Molinari has voted wrong in about 90% of the gun votes in this Congress.

All these anti-gun rumblings from the Dole camp come as no surprise. GOA has been pointing out Bob Dole’s anti-gun record for quite some time, and has been on the front lines detailing how he introduced (and voted for) the “Dole-Metzenbaum” compromise in 1991 that provided for waiting periods and for background checks on ALL firearms; and how in 1993, he both helped the Brady bill pass and voted for the crime bill which contained the semi-auto ban; and how in 1995 and 1996, he voted for the government terror bill.

Actions speak louder than words. If a candidate, and those defending him, say he’s pro-gun, one must always cut through the rhetoric and look at the candidates actions. [GOA has a fact sheet entitled “Bob Dole and Gun Control” which can be faxed to you. Simply fax GOA a request to receive this copy of Bob Dole’s record. The fact sheet is fully documented and footnoted. Be sure to include your name and return fax number in the request.]


* If you haven’t already done so, please express your disappointment to the Bob Dole campaign. Let Bob Dole know that you do not support his waffling on such important issues as the gun ban repeal. You support removing anti-gun (and unconstitutional) legislation from the federal code. You do not support instant gun registration. Tell them you are watching his actions more than his words. Picking an anti-gun running mate and anti-gun keynote speakers show a lack of concern for gun owners rights.

Contact Dole at ph) 202-414-6400; fax: 202-414-6345, 414-8007, or http://www.rnc.org/guest/.

* Give this same message to the RNC as well (202-863-8500 or 8700, fax: 863-8820).
1. Our thanks to the pro-gun activists of New Jersey for providing GOA with a transcript of the Larry King show.