Scold Reps. Who Voted For Terror

Scold your Rep. if He’s Listed Below!

(Monday, March 18) — Two hundred and twenty nine Representatives voted for the anti-gun terrorism bill last Thursday. If your Representative is listed below, then he or she voted for the bill. Let them know you’re very disappointed with their vote (1-800-962-3524, 872-8513, or 202-225-3121). Urge them to keep their oath of office by voting to uphold the Constitution. The bill is currently in a conference committee — where it will iron out the differences and then send the bill back to each house for one more vote. We still have a good chance of defeating this bill! The bill is too weak for President Clinton, and “toughening” the bill could lose many House votes. They’re in a “catch-22” situation. Here are the Reps. who voted for the “Government Terror” bill:

Andrews      Cramer       Hamilton     McCollum      Schaefer       
Archer       Cunningham   Hancock      McCrery       Schiff   
Armey        Danner       Hansen       McDade        Sensenbrenner   
Bachus       Davis        Harman       McHale        Shaw   
Baesler      Deal         Hastert      McHugh        Shays   
Baker (LA)   DeLay        Hayes        McKeon        Shuster   
Baldacci     Deutsch      Hefley       McNulty       Sisisky   
Ballenger    Diaz-Balart  Heineman     Metcalf       Skelton   
Barr         Dooley       Hobson       Meyers        Smith (MI)   
Barrett (NE) Dornan       Hoke         Miller (FL)   Smith (NJ)   
Barton       Doyle        Holden       Molinari      Smith (TX)   
Bateman      Dreier       Horn         Montgomery    Solomon   
Bereuter     Duncan       Houghton     Moorhead      Spence   
Bevill       Dunn         Hunter       Myers         Spratt   
Bilbray      Edwards      Hyde         Myrick        Stenholm   
Bilirakis    Ehrlich      Inglis       Norwood       Stupak   
Bishop       Emerson      Istook       Nussle        Talent   
Bliley       English      Johnson (CT) Ortiz         Tanner   
Blute        Ensign       Johnson (SD) Orton         Tauzin   
Boehlert     Everett      Johnson, Sam Oxley         Taylor (MS)   
Boehner      Ewing        Kasich       Packard       Taylor (NC)   
Bono         Fawell       Kelly        Pallone       Tejeda   
Borski       Fields (TX)  Kim          Parker        Thomas   
Brewster     Flanagan     Kingston     Paxon         Thornberry   
Browder      Foley        Klug         Payne (VA)    Tiahrt   
Brownback    Forbes       Knollenberg  Peterson (FL) Torkildsen   
Bryant (TN)  Fowler       Kolbe        Petri         Torricelli   
Bunning      Fox          Lantos       Pomeroy       Traficant   
Burton       Franks (CT)  Largent      Porter        Upton   
Buyer        Franks (NJ)  Latham       Portman       Volkmer   
Calvert      Frelinghuysen Laughlin    Pryce         Vucanovich   
Camp         Frisa        Lazio        Quinn         Waldholtz   
Canady       Frost        Leach        Radanovich    Walker   
Castle       Gallegly     Lewis (CA)   Ramstad       Ward   
Chabot       Ganske       Lightfoot    Reed          Watts (OK)   
Chambliss    Gekas        Lincoln      Regula        Weldon (FL)   
Christensen  Geren        Linder       Riggs         Weldon (PA)   
Chrysler     Gilchrest    Lipinski     Roberts       Weller   
Clement      Gilman       Livingston   Roemer        White   
Clinger      Gingrich     LoBiondo     Rogers        Whitfield   
Coble        Goodlatte    Longley      Rohrabacher   Wicker   
Coburn       Goss         Lucas        Ros-Lehtinen  Wilson   
Collins (GA) Greenwood    Luther       Roth          Wolf   
Combest      Gunderson    Manton       Roukema       Young (FL)  
Condit       Gutknecht    Martini      Royce         Zimmer
Cox          Hall (TX)    Mascara      Saxton