Town Hall Meetings And Terror Bill

“Pound” your Congressman over the Break
— Reps. need to hear opposition to government terror bill

(Monday, January 8) — When Congress takes a break this month (if they actually do ever recess), your Representative will most likely return to the district and hold a couple of town meetings. It is imperative that you and your buddies show up to protest the so-called anti-terrorism bill.

Congress will most likely be voting on it early this year. And since the press has hardly breathed a word about any upcoming votes, it will probably be up to us to pour on the heat. Just to summarize the main problems with the most recent version of the bill:

H.R. 2768 punishes certain sellers of firearms,(1) orders a study on whether to ban even more “cop-killer” bullets (much ordinary hunting and rifle ammo could become suspect), orders a second study which could set a precedent for registering ammunition,(2) allows FBI “fishing expeditions” into your financial and travel records (without any evidence you’ve committed a crime), allows government officials to benefit from illegal wiretaps done in “good faith,” allows the government to use secret evidence in court in some circumstances, limits the right of gun owners to appeal bad court decisions, etc.


* Call and find out when your Congressman will be holding town meetings this month. (You can call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-962-3524, 1-800-872-8513, or 202-225-3121; or you can call his district office.) Wherever you call to get “town hall” information, be sure to register your opposition to the government terror bill — H.R. 2768. Please plan to attend one or more of the town meetings, and get your family and friends to go as well. Clearly, the best form of lobbying is when they can see with their own eyes, people’s fierce opposition to the bill.

* Some Congressmen think that certain changes to the terrorism bill have fixed the problems with the bill. Not so! Tell your Congressman that many dangerous infringements on our liberties (including the Second Amendment) still remain in the bill.

* Arguably the worst provisions in the bill from a Second Amendment standpoint are Sections 102 and 204 (See footnote 1). These provisions could cripple the firearms industry and conceivably put it out of business. To get a copy of these provisions, contact our Web Site at the location listed above. It won’t hurt to have a copy of the language in hand so you can waive it at your Congressman. But remember, even without these provisions, H.R. 2768 is still a dangerous bill. Don’t leave them with the impression that removing Sections 102 and 204 means the bill will be O.K. The bill stinks, and they should be encouraged to oppose the entire bill.

1. Sections 102 and 204 will terrorize gun owners by severely punishing individuals (as well as gun dealers and manufacturers) for selling a gun to someone they should have known was going to use, or threaten to use, the firearm in a “crime of violence.” To punish the seller of a firearm under this standard is clearly ludicrous (unless all sellers are clairvoyant) and is a change in the current law, which requires that the seller “know” the gun will be used in a crime.

2. The bill orders a study on whether taggants should be put in explosives, which would most likely include black powder. Once this study is completed, you can be sure there will be pressure to put taggants in handloading and over-the-counter ammunition. This would mean registering ammunition sales. After all, the whole purpose for putting taggants in explosives or ammunition is to “register” the purchaser, so as to help the authorities find the criminal by following the trace left by the taggant.