TN: These bills are what the Special Session could vote on…

GOA Issues Detailed Analysis of TN Gun Control Bills

Dear friend,

GOA has thoroughly examined the legislation that is likely to be considered in the pending “red flag” Special Session, called for by Gov. Lousy Lee.

First, GOA’s brilliant legal mind examined HB 1233, as well as the proposed “Temporary Mental Health Order of Protection Bill.” The latter is a high priority for Lousy Lee.

Notably, red flag laws go against due process protections; however, oftentimes weak-kneed politicians seek to “polish a turd” by adding nominal due process protections to red flag laws.

Nonetheless, our analysis makes clear that the problem with red flag laws go beyond due process concerns, stating, “While it is true that both of these bills, and all red-flag laws, raise important due process concerns, what must not be overlooked is the fact that red-flag laws are a blatant violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and no amount of ‘due process’ can make it otherwise.”

You can read GOA’s analysis of these bills here.

Another concerning piece of legislation that could be considered in the Special Session is HB 768.

Essentially, this bill would add those who take certain medications to the gun ban list. Clearly, this raises many concerns, and it would disarm GOA’s own John Crump.

Further, GOA’s analysis brings up another excellent point, stating:

The mental health concentration of this legislation will also have a notable chilling effect upon those seeking treatment for common mental disorders due to the fear of having their firearms confiscated. Given the debate surrounding SSRIs and their possible correlative connection to suicidal or homicidal behavior, it is imprudent to pass legislation based upon an unproven scientific assertion that will have the far-reaching consequences for those struggling with mental health issues. Instead of pursuing professional treatment, citizens will be compelled to seek out other potentially more destructive means of treatment.

Again, you can read GOA’s full analysis of this bill here.

Your legislators need to know the drastic issues with these bills, and GOA’s pre-written letter includes links to our analyses. Please contact your legislators immediately, so they know why to oppose these bills!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America