PA: Four Gun Control Bills are on the Move

Urge your State Representative to Oppose These Bills

Dear friend,

Tomorrow, the PA House Democrats, AKA “Team Tyranny,” are set to advance their anti-gun bill agenda that strikes against your inherent rights as a gun owner and citizen.

These bills include Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Universal Background Checks, and more. Not only are these bills unconstitutional, but they are also ineffective at lowering crime. We need your voice heard loud and clear, and we need it now. The following bills are planned to go to second consideration tomorrow:

*** House Session WEDNESDAY – 5/3/23, Capitol Building 501 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17120

  • HB 338 PN 301 (Sanchez) – Reporting Lost and Stolen Firearms
  • HB 714 PN 660 (Warren) – Universal Background Checks
  • HB 731 PN 674 (Parker) – Safe Storage of Long Guns
  • HB 1018 PN 960 (O’Mara) – Extreme Risk Protection Orders

As you know, anti-gun Democrats have the House majority in PA, so it is even more important that we make our voices heard.

Please click here to send a pre-written message to your State Representative to OPPOSE these bills and prevent further deterioration of our Second Amendment.

I ask that you bookmark this link, and read up on these bills for yourself.

Thanks for taking action!

Dawn Kapolka
Pennsylvania Director
Gun Owners of America