TN: Constitutional Carry Bill Goes to Governor Lee’s Desk!

The Tennessee House just passed SB 765, a bill to make Tennessee a Constitutional Carry state. That means it is heading to the final hurdle, Governor Bill Lee. 

Under Senate Bill 765a Tennessean will be able to conceal carry without having to beg the government for a permit, as long as they are legally in possession of the firearm, and would qualify for an Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit. This means people MAY still have to undergo the training that the Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit requires.  

GOA recognizes this is not a perfect Constitutional Carry bill. However, it is a step in the right direction and better than what the law is today. 

While we hope Governor Lee is already planning on signing this into law, we need your help to urge him to pass SB 765 ASAP, and ask him to support expanding Constitutional Carry in the future. 

Please email Governor Bill Lee and tell him SB 765 should be signed!