Constitutional Carry Passes Both Chambers of Idaho State Legislature!

Permitless Carry Passes Both Chambers of the State Legislature!

Click on the Take Action button and urge Gov. Otter to sign Senate Bill 1389, a bill that will protect your right to carry a gun without registering yourself with the government or paying a permission fee.

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Urge Governor Otter to Sign Constitutional Carry into Law!

Your hard work has paid off.  

Late last week, the Idaho legislature approved Senate Bill 1389, the constitutional carry legislation — and as of yesterday, the bill is on its way to Governor Otter. 

Under SB 1389, Idahoans will no longer be required to get the government’s permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves and their families. 

SB 1389 will eliminate the “city limits” exception to the state’s permitless carry law, thus enabling persons who are 21-years old or more to carry concealed handguns throughout the state — including within city limits — without obtaining licenses from the state to carry concealed handguns. (Permitless carry is already legal outside of city limits.) 

Currently, Americans in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, Wyoming and most of Montana can carry a concealed firearm without a government license.  Lest anyone fail to notice, these are not exactly high-crime areas as a result of their diligence for the constitutional rights of their citizens.  In fact, these are some of the safest places in America. 

SB 1389 would add Idaho to that illustrious list of Constitution-loving states. 

Idaho already has constitutional carry for Open Carry.  That is, one doesn’t need to beg permission to carry a handgun openly.

So should a person, who is carrying a gun openly, become a criminal for pulling his shirt or jacket over his weapon?  

Absolutely not!  

Now is the time to urge Governor Otter to support this bill. 

By using this link, you can send Governor Otter a pre-written letter, urging him to sign SB 1389.  

Thank you for taking action!