[Action Need] Tell Your Lawmakers to Oppose Red Flag Laws

Sununu Task Force Would Gut Second Amendment

Please click on the Take Action button to urge your state lawmakers to OPPOSE any recommendation by Sununu’s task force in favor of Gun Confiscation Orders. You can also locate your state senator’s number here and state representative’s number here and give them a call.

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Time to Snuff Out Gun Confiscations Orders

Dear Friend:

It appears that Republican officials are flirting with so-called “red flag” laws, properly known as “Gun Confiscation Orders” in Concord. 

Sadly, Gov. Chris Sununu packed his school safety task force with lots of enemies of the Second Amendment — and no pro-gun Representatives.

So it should come as no surprise that the task force recently recommended a study of whether to authorize Gun Confiscation Orders in New Hampshire.

Under this nightmarish legislation (sugar-coated as “Red Flag Laws”), police or an angry “ex” could convene a secret star-chamber proceeding to strip you of you Second, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

We know that, whenever only the accuser is in the room in these Orwellian “ex parte” proceedings, the Judge will “sign a Ham Sandwich.”

In an analogous “ex parte” hearing, a New Mexico woman got a restraining order against David Letterman for sending her coded messages over her TV set.

The first thing you will know about this is when the police knock on your door, ready to ransack your house, and, if you resist, to arrest or even shoot you.

Like at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

The Anti-Gun weasels pushing these Bloomberg-crafted proposals claim you have “Due Process” because you have the “right” to spend $10-20,000 on a lawyer and expert witnesses to convince a judge he made a mistake.

This is never successful. Never.

So Gov. Sununu and your state senator and representatives are about to ask for your vote. And they will assure you of their support for the Second Amendment.

Make it clear to them that no one who supports Gun Confiscation Orders is pro-gun.

Will Sen. Bradley Hijack the Special Session?

Governor Sununu and the Executive Council have called the legislature back for a special session.

The stated purpose of which is to find a way to protect New Hampshire businesses from other states taxing authorities.

However, they could very easily add gun confiscation orders to any tax bill.

So far, all of the talk about the special session has about sales tax but since gun confiscation is being pushed by the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-3), it is entirely possible that he will attempt to hijack the sales tax bill and add gun confiscation to it.

This is why your Senators and Representatives need to hear from you right away.

Please urge your state lawmakers to resist any form of gun control.


Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

P.S. GOA is fighting in New Hampshire and across the country to stop Gun Confiscation Orders. Could you chip in $20, $40 or $60 to the fight — just a few bucks goes a long way!