[URGENT ACTION] Gun Bills are Moving in Concord!

Call your state senator to oppose HB 1807 and support HB 1313! You can find your state senator’s number here. And you can find out who your state senator is here.

Not a GOA member yet? We need you more than ever right now.

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Two pieces of legislation are moving quickly in the state Senate!

Gun Control in HB 1807

The first, House HB 1807, would, in its current form, allow a guardian — appointed in a quickie proceeding to act on behalf of senior – to move to disarm the relatives of the senior citizen.

New Hampshire courts have a particularly bad record of stripping seniors of all their rights and putting them in the control of guardians, even though the senior’s wishes were not represented in the quickie proceeding.

Under this bill, the illegitimate guardian could go a step further, disarming all of the senior’s relatives in a secret star-chamber proceeding where the relatives had no right to be heard.

Senator Daniels will offer an amendment to this bill which would strip all the anti-gun provisions from the legislation.

Please contact your senator and ask him to vote for the Daniels amendment.

State Lawmakers Killing Pro-Gun Bill?

The second bill, House Bill 1313, would extend constitutional carry to snowmobiles and ATV’s.

It passed the House by a substantial margin, and is cosponsored by many senators.

Now, however, the Senate Judiciary Committee has voted, 5-0, to send H.B. 1313 to interim study, thereby killing it.

Reportedly, senators who claim to support constitutional carry are opposing this bill in retaliation for GOA’s opposition to other anti-gun legislation earlier this year.

Please call your senator and ask him to vote to pass House Bill 1313, and to reject any effort to kill it by sending it to interim study. You can find your state senator’s number here.

Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel
Gun Owners of America

PS: GOA is fighting against gun control in New Hampshire and across the country. Could you chip in $20, $30, or $50 to the fight?