Support John Kennedy for U.S. Senate

[UPDATE: John Kennedy won the December 10 runoff election with 60% of the vote.]

Support John Kennedy for U.S. Senate

Gun Owners of America urges you to vote for John Kennedy for U.S. Senate in the special election tomorrow, Saturday, December 10.

There are many important gun rights issues which are at stake, and so GOA encourages you to send the pro-gun John Kennedy to Washington.

As you know, the balance of the Supreme Court will be decided within the next few months.

And President-elect Trump has promised to nominate a pro-gun constitutionalist to the high court.

We need a Senator who will NOT walk lock-step with New York Democrat Chuck Schumer in filibustering Trump’s appointments.

Kennedy’s opponent, Foster Campbell, took money from one the most liberal, anti-gun Senators in Washington — radical Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Campbell may try to sound conservative in Louisiana, but clearly, his Democrat counterparts are making an “investment” in him, and they will expect his loyalty if he is elected to the Senate.

Kennedy’s opponent is also opposed to repealing the anti-gun ObamaCare law, which facilitates the use of medical information to revoke Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens.

John Kennedy will vote to repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare law and will support Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.

It is imperative that Louisiana not send a closet anti-gun liberal to Washington.

Please support John Kennedy for U.S. Senate on Saturday, December 10.


Tim Macy

Paid for by Gun Owners of America. Not Authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.