Maine Gun Owners Must Redouble Their Efforts on Constitutional Carry!

ACTION: Urge your state Representative and Senator to support LD 652/SP 245 without any weakening amendments.

Bloomberg Spending His Fortune in Latest Attempt to Kill Constitutional Carry

Now that Constitutional Carry has passed in three different legislatures this year, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is fighting back.

And he’s decided to make your state of Maine his battleground.

Using the anti-gun Moms Demand Action as his proxy, he is trying to water down and defeat constitutional carry legislation, LD 652/SP 245, introduced by state Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin).

Constitutional Carry means that you can carry a firearm without being registered like a sex offender and without demanding permission from a government bureaucrat.

In short, citizens can carry a firearm because it’s their constitutionally-protected right — hence, the name Constitutional Carry.

But what the anti-gun mommies are demanding is that your constitutionally-protected right to carry a firearm be suspended, until you can show proof that you have gone through training.

You can be sure that criminals aren’t waiting in line to get permission or go through training!

Constitutional right to carry promotes safety

Now, while training is certainly a good thing, there are a few problems with what the anti-gun mommies are demanding.  First of all, since when should government bureaucrats be allowed to suspend constitutional rights, forcing civilians to jump through hoops?

Do we suspend pastors’ First Amendment right to preach sermons until they go to seminary?  Do we suspend the right of free speech or the press, demanding that journalists get “anti-bias” training before publishing articles or newscasts?

No we don’t, and we shouldn’t “infringe” upon the Second Amendment.

Second, the Bloomberg-mommies ignore the fact that the states which have Constitutional Carry are VERY SAFE.  Vermont has always had Constitutional Carry, and the state is rated as the Safest State in the Union.

And Alaska, which passed its Constitutional Carry law in 2003, has seen its murder rate drop 20 percent in the ensuing 10 years (according to FBI statistics).

So it is a bald-faced lie for the Bloomberg-mommies to come into the Pine Tree State and claim that mayhem will erupt if law-abiding citizens start exercising their God-given right to defend themselves outside the home.

No problems in Maine with constitutional “open” carry

Finally, the Bloomberg-mommies must be oblivious to the fact that Maine already has constitutional carry for Open Carry.  That is, one doesn’t need to beg permission to carry a handgun openly.  

So are the antis really saying that a law-abiding civilian, who is legally carrying a firearm openly, should go to jail for putting a shirt or jacket over that legal handgun?  It’s preposterous!

No wonder even the Maine State Police has testified in favor of Brakey’s bill.

But having said this, it’s important that you — and every pro-gun person you know — contact your state Representative and Senator and urge them to cosponsor and support LD 652/SP 245.

Do so today!

ACTION: Urge your state Representative and Senator to support LD 652/SP 245 without any weakening amendments.