4/00 No Special Benefits for Manufacturers Who Sell Out

Please Don’t Help Clinton’s Back-door Gun Control
Gun Owners of America
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April 5, 2000      

Dear Senator:

Senator Schumer may be offering a gun amendment this week. On behalf of over 200,000 gun owners across the nation, I would urge you to oppose any language that would encourage government contracts for firearms manufacturers who sign extortion agreements like the Smith & Wesson agreement.

Although not widely reported, the Smith & Wesson agreement would regulate the sales of ALL FIREARMS SOLD by dealers carrying Smith & Wesson products.

Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be REQUIRED to mandate government-approved safety courses for Glock purchasers.

Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be REQUIRED to limit Beretta purchases to one gun at a time.

Dealers wishing to sell Smith & Wesson guns would be prohibited from selling ANY firearm after 72 hours — or 72 years — unless the FBI had given its approval in connection with a Brady Law Instant Check. The Clinton & Wesson agreement stipulates that participating gun retailers cannot sell ANY firearm until they receive definitive notice that the transferee is not a prohibited person under the Gun Control Act.

Currently, if FBI has not given a definitive “yes” or “no” reply, the dealer may proceed to consummate the sale at the end of 72 hours. Under the Clinton & Wesson agreement, the purchase can not go ahead unless the FBI changes its “delay” response to a definitive “yes” or “no.” Thus, the FBI could permanently eliminate all American gun sales by continuing to send “delay” responses with regard to all firearms purchase applications.

Is it any wonder that the pro-Second Amendment community feels threatened by this agreement?

This recent deal by the administration is nothing but an end-run around the Constitution. Congress has power to enact laws — not the President through the extortion of American businesses. Again, please oppose any amendment that would reward businesses for helping the President violate the 2nd Amendment. Thank you.


Larry Pratt      
Executive Director