12/06 Letter To Rep. Virgil Goode

Letter To Rep. Virgil Goode

December 21, 2006

The Honorable Virgil Goode
70 East Court Street, Suite 215
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Dear Virgil,

Thank you for taking a firm stand on Islam — and not backing down.

We have been dangerously asleep while an enemy of 1400 years has been unremittingly persecuting and attacking. I have personally seen how England and Europe have been approaching a kind of dual legal system — traditional Western law and the Sharia law of Islam. That is an inherently unstable relationship that will only be transitional.

The experience of Lebanon is one we had better understand. Once the tiny Muslim minority approached majority status, the non-Muslims learned the word “jihad” — even though they all spoke Arabic. Now the country is a mess, something all too characteristic of Islamic rule.

My wife’s ancestors come from Spain. Her maiden name is Linares, a town in Spain that endured Muslim tyranny for 800 years until they were finally dislodged in 1491.

I hope you will “own” this issue. Our fellow countrymen need to be aware of the nature of Islam whose founder was a brigand and a terrorist — and that is not my invention but the plain-faced reading of the Quran and the Haddith.

Thank you for maintaining an Islam-free office.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director