1/07 Vote “No” On Pelosi For Speaker

Vote “No” On Pelosi For Speaker
January 3, 2007

Dear Representative: Gun Owners of America has never in its history taken a position on the vote for House Speaker. So why this year?

The democratic congresswoman from California is rabidly anti-gun and holds an F- rating from Gun Owners of America. Consider that she was one of only 99 Representatives who voted IN FAVOR of gun confiscation in July. That vote saw more than 300 congressmen cast their ballots to prohibit federal agents from stealing firearms from law-abiding citizens. It was truly an overwhelming majority who supported the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

But in that July vote, Nancy Pelosi joined the hardcore left to SUPPORT gun confiscation. She actually voted to let government agents burst into people’s homes and steal their firearms!

So Gun Owners of America is NOT telling you who to vote for. We are simply saying that a vote in favor of Nancy Pelosi will be rated as an anti-gun vote for our end-of-year scorecard.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director