3/00 Boxer Amendment: Cheap Attempt at Political Advantage from Tragedy

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March 2, 2000      

Dear Senator:

The tragedy at Buell Elementary School was serious enough without politician Barbara Boxer trying to squeeze political advantage out of the horrible events of February 29.

The facts are simple: The shooting was committed by a six-year old boy living in a crack house, where adults with long criminal records sold crack in exchange for stolen guns. The shooter’s uncle, who was subject to an unexecuted felony arrest warrant for breaking and entering, apparently kept a loaded gun on his bed in the event of a violent drug war.

The child had already stabbed a fellow classmate and had received only a slap on the wrist. On the day in question, he apparently brandished the handgun at school for over an hour without attracting the attention of any adult.

Does anyone seriously believe these felons would have put “child safety locks” on their crack house arsenal because a federal law ordered them to do so?

Obviously, what is at stake here is not sound public policy — and certainly not a measured consideration of protecting constitutional nights.

Rather, we are faced with another cheap attempt to mine political advantage from the tragedy of others. Until we bring an end to these efforts to politicize the horrible consequences of the disintegration of the American family — and the lack of discipline in America’s schools — copycat killings will continue.

Please respect the victims of the Mount Morris tragedy and vote against the Boxer amendment.


Larry Pratt      
Executive Director