Sinclair Cancels Guns Out TV Because “It Isn’t A Good Time For A Gun Show”

“The show featured gun ownership in a positive light,
especially in the African American community.
Gun Owners of America sponsored it.”

The ugly head of corporate censorship has reared its ugly head once again. Sinclair Broadcast Group has canceled Guns Out TV because “it isn’t a good time for a gun show.”

Sinclair was planning on broadcasting Guns Out TV on networks in various markets. The first place Sinclair launched the show was in Washington, DC, on WJLA. WJLA happens to be the Capital area’s local ABC affiliate. The show featured gun ownership in a positive light, especially in the African American community. Gun Owners of America sponsored it.

Shermichael Singleton and John Keys hosted the show. Both gun enthusiasts are African Americans, and they broke the stereotype of the typical middle-aged white male gun owner. Black gun owners are the fastest-growing segment of the firearms community. Guns Out TV appealed to those new black firearms owners. The Washington, DC Metro area has a large community of affluent African Americans. The two-host thought DC was the perfect area to launch their show because the demographic has the money and resources to buy firearms and get training.

We recognize the storied history of African-Americans and firearms in the United States, and with that history comes a great responsibility that we embraced,” Singleton told AmmoLand News. “In 2020, Black Americans accounted for the highest increases in gun sales of any demographic, which is why we wanted to produce a show that was educational, informative, and fun. We tried to reach new gun owners and those considering purchasing firearms in our community to showcase a different side of firearms. We were tired of the negative stereotype about black men with guns and set out on a mission to change that narrative.

Representatives of Sinclair told the host that the show would not air during its time slot on Sunday even though that episode was completed and was ready to air. The broadcasting giant didn’t give the two hosts a specific reason for the cancelation. The host’s emails show the broadcaster was concerned because an episode showed the host firing an AK47. The last episode that aired was about myths surrounding AR15s.

The broadcaster noticed a segment with Gun Owners of America’s Director of Outreach Antonia Okafor. Sinclair was concerned because “Gun Owners of America is known for asking for donations.” The segments talked about gun rights and didn’t ask for donations. Both Singleton and Keys are GOA members and support the organization’s mission to protect gun rights.

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