Armed 64-year-old woman says to suspect “I will shoot you!”

Armed 64-year-old woman says to suspect “I will shoot you!”

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. —  1/25/2012


 A 64-year-old Daytona woman didn’t hesitate to pull a gun on a suspected car thief whom she  caught running from deputies, WFTV learned on Wednesday.

Investigators said Roderick Willis was a wanted fugitive and was being tracked by a sheriff’s helicopter.

The helicopter had a spotlight on him as he ran along the side of Karen Granville’s home and into her backyard.

However, before he could climb the fence, Willis came face-to-face with Granville, who pointed a gun right at his face and said, “Don’t you move mother f*****, I will shoot you! I will shoot you where you stand!”

For a mother who loves John Wayne and has a concealed weapon’s license, that was her moment.

“He says, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.’ I says, ‘Don’t you move, you’re moving.’ I said, ‘Don’t you move.’ Then, he put his hands behind his head. I says, ‘You’re moving!” Granville described.

Granville said she didn’t know if Willis had a weapon, so she kept her gun trained on him until deputies arrived.

Deputies said they were after him because he was on the run in a stolen car, speeding up to 90 miles an hour.

Willis stopped on Redwood Street where he ended up staring down the barrel of Granville’s .38-caliber revolver.

Granville’s son, Kirk Granville, said it was a present he bought her for Christmas.

“Anybody who comes through this yard, they’re going to be in trouble because, I mean, she’s ready for them,” said Kirk Granville.

Granville said she’s been shooting guns her entire life, but it was previous drug deals and a murder on her street that motivated her to arm herself to keep her family safe.

“They’ll shoot you, they’ll break in. They’ll get whatever they want, and I says it’s not going to happen to me because I will shoot them,” Granville said.

Deputies said they caught up with Willis and arrested him.

Investigators said they found $1,700 on him, along with crack-cocaine and marijuana in the stolen rental car.

Deputies said Willis faces fleeing and eluding and drug charges.

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