Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun — That’s Gotta Hurt

Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun — That’s Gotta Hurt

MYRTLE, OREGON — If there’s ever a reason to ensure your kids grow up handling firearms in a safe, nurturing environment, this story has got to hit close to home. An Oregon teenager used a shotgun to stop a burglar from breaking into his home.

According to KCBY 11 Coos Bay, the burglar broke in some time before 8:21 a.m. when the call was initiated to 911 by the 15-year-old. The teenager was home alone when he reported the burglar entering the premises. While the burglar was looting, the teenager got a shotgun out and, fearing for his own life, shot the man in the leg.

If a burglar isn’t worried about someone else being home when he starts looting, he’s obviously not concerned with that other person’s well-being. Add that to trespassing and burglary charges, he will look forward to a decent stint in prison after he gets out of the hospital.

The District Attorney said that the suspect’s leg injury from the shotgun blast wasn’t life-threatening but there’s no way you get hit in the leg with a shotgun blast and not have permanent, lingering injury.

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