Constitutional Carry in the Old Dominion

Constitutional Carry in the Old Dominion

Virginia Delegate Mark Cole (R-District 88) is the lead sponsor of legislation to eliminate a requirement that gun owners must have a government permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Rep. Cole notes that it is already legal for Virginia gun owners to carry openly.MarkCole

“If you’re carrying openly, in my mind you’re more likely to cause a disturbance or become a target rather than if you are carrying concealed,” Del. Cole told

“I just don’t think there needs to be additional restrictions on people who want carry concealed more than openly,” he said.

Criminals don’t get permits to carry.  It’s only the law-abiding citizens who stand in line to get government approval to exercise a constitutional right.  The current law creates a great strain on limited law enforcement resources, amounts to a tax (fees) on gun owners, and forces citizens to wait for up to 45 days before being able to lawfully carry for self-defense.

Del. Cole’s bill is welcome news for Second Amendment supporters.

ACTION: Please contact your own delegate and ask him or her to support H.B. 139.

If you do not know your delegate, search here to find them and their contact information: