Revealed: Obama’s Gun Control Attempts Just Backfired In An Astonishing Way

President Obama has been called the “Greatest Gun Salesman in America.” As CNN Money reported, there’s a correlation between Obama’s speeches on gun control and subsequent gun sales.

In a BBC interview last year, Obama admitted his administration’s greatest failure was his inability to enact what he called, “common-sense gun laws.” Later, apparently acting on his frustrations, Obama attempted to use executive order to do just that, an apparent overreach of his executive powers.

As a probable result, many more Americans have viewed the president’s actions as anti-Second Amendment and made the decision to purchase more firearms in anticipation of feared federal gun grabs. According to The Free Beacon, for the last 11 months, Americans have been breaking records for gun sales.

According to the latest FBI statistics, the agency processed 2,523,265 background checks for the month of March, a new record for the month and 35,000 more than in 2014. The more than 2.5 million background checks typically do not include long-gun purchases — mostly handguns are represented in the latest statistics. Since multiple guns can be purchased with the same background check, the figure does not accurately reflect the total number of guns sold in March.

With Obama and Hillary Clinton both voicing anti-gun rhetoric, and Obama’s use of executive order, many Americans feel their right to “keep and bear arms” is under threat.

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