Rep. Ogle Introduces GOA-backed TEACH Act to arm teachers

How would you want your children and grandchildren to be protected in schools?

Clearly, following the Gun-Free Zone path of Uvalde, Nashville, Parkland or Sandy Hook is a non-starter. It doesn’t work!

But there is a simple way to protect our children and ensure parents no longer have to worry about the safety of children while they’re in the classroom.

No school that has armed teachers has EVER experienced a shooting, much less a mass public shooting.

The single most important thing Congress can do is to allow school faculty and parents to exercise their constitutionally protected right to defend their lives and the lives of our children.

That’s why Gun Owners of America proudly endorses the Teachers Empowered Against Classroom Harm (TEACH) Act, H.R. 2991, which was just introduced by Rep. Andy Ogles.

We’ve been championing the need to harden schools, and this bill would take significant action to help school staff and parents carry firearms on school property to protect our kids.

But to get it past anti-gunners and squishy Republicans in Congress, we need to build support right away – and that starts with securing as many co-sponsors as possible.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell your Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 2991, the TEACH Act.

The TEACH Act would take several steps to free schools who want to arm their teachers from the unnecessary and unconstitutional bureaucratic red tape placed on their right to self-defense.

It eliminates restrictions on use of federal funds which are hampring self-defense. The TEACH Act would REPEAL the provisions of the Cornyn-Murphy gun control surrender from last year which prohibits Department of Education funding from being used to train teachers with “deadly weapons.”

It protects teachers’ and parents’ right to concealed carry for self-defense. The bill also prohibits Department of Education funding from being used in any state or with any school that places restrictions on the ability of self-defenders to carry firearms at schools in excess of federal law. It also updates Joe Biden’s failed federal Gun Free School Zones Act so it no longer conflicts or supersedes state Constitutional Carry laws. To receive funding, the state or school will need to repeal the laws or policies responsible for the restrictions on the rights of permit holders and constitutional carriers.

It trains armed teachers with the Education Secretary’s personal slush fund. The TEACH Act creates a streamlined grant funding mechanism to assist the programs in 32 states that allow staff to carry firearms and any school that wishes to use them by reallocating the Secretary of Education’s $27.6 million personal slush fund.

It punishes bureaucrats for refusing to respect the Second Amendment. The legislation even takes steps to ensure no anti-gun bureaucrats can mess with the safety of our kids. Grants are prioritized to schools that demonstrate a respect for the Second Amendment rights of their staff. If the Secretary of Education fails to disburse these funds, the bill would impose an automatic hiring freeze on the department.

Gun control won’t stop a determined murderer from committing a mass shooting.

But passing the TEACH Act and hardening our schools so they’re no longer easy targets will.

Evidence shows that would-be mass shooters specifically select “soft targets” where they’re unlikely to encounter any significant resistance.

It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of mass shootings occur in Gun Free Zones!

Whether it’s arming willing teachers, adding school resource officers, or empowering everyday passersby like parents to carry concealed weapons on campus, these policies play a major role in deterring violence at schools.

But it’s not just about deterring shootings before they happen. It’s also about stopping them as quickly as possible when they do occur.

Nearly half of all mass shootings in 2021 were stopped by armed civilians.

Studies have PROVEN that putting up resistance in a mass shooter situation dramatically increases survival.

In response, anti-gunners have suggested arming teachers with everything from hockey pucks to cans of soup that can be thrown at shooters.

I’m not making that up …

Fueled by a burning hatred for firearms and the Second Amendment, these radicals are so anti-gun that they’d rather tell teachers and kids to throw cans of soup at a deranged mass-shooter than allow them to be defended by a trained, armed teacher.

They’re terrified that if they concede the obvious – that guns are an effective tool for self-defense – it will undermine the rest of their anti-gun agenda and their ultimate goal of disarming the American people.

Now is the time for pro-gun politicians in Congress to “do something” to prevent school shootings by arming willing teachers.

We need to shift the narrative away from infringing on law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights and start passing bills that actually address the problem.

Instead of leaving our classrooms as an easy target for mass-murderers – or arming our teachers and students with cans of soup – let’s cut the bureaucratic red tape and empower willing teachers to carry firearms to protect our kids.

If our elected officials are good enough to be protected with firearms, our children should be too!

So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to tell your Representative to co-sponsor, H.R. 2991, the TEACH Act.