Bush Administration Treats Iraqis Better Than Americans

Gun Owners of America today chided the double standard that the Bush administration holds toward firearms.

“It seems that the Bush administration trusts Iraqis more than it does Americans,” said GOA Executive Director, Larry Pratt.

According to the June 1 issue of the New York Times, the U.S. officials are now allowing Iraqi citizens to keep their fully automatic AK-47s.

“And yet in this country, the Bush administration supports the Clinton-Feinstein ban on several types of semi-automatic firearms,” Pratt said. “These semi-autos function no differently from millions of firearms that are commonly owned by American citizens. In fact, the semi-automatic rifles banned in 1994 are not used by any military in the world.

“In Iraq we are told that the people need their guns because they feel their security is still at risk. But what about our own citizens here in America? Is our security not as important? How bad must the terror threat get before the Bush administration is willing to trust the American people to defend themselves with guns that have far less firepower than the typical shotgun?

“In the same spirit of allowing Iraqis to defend their homes, the Bush administration needs to support the self-defense rights of American citizens and oppose any renewal of the 1994 ban on semi-autos,” Pratt concluded.