Gun Control Capital Grapples With Crime Spree

— Over a dozen state and federal crimes broken as sniper kills at least five

(Springfield, VA) — One of the nation’s three most anti-gun states has, unfortunately, become the locus of a nationally publicized crime spree. Montgomery County, Maryland, the home of many of the nation’s most ardent gun control activists, has suffered five sniper-like killings in a little over 24 hours.

“Here is a state which licenses handguns and requires purchasers of ‘regulated firearms’ to complete an approved ‘firearms safety’ course,” noted Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.

“It effectively bans hundreds of semi-automatic firearms based solely on appearance, has implemented a Handgun Roster of ‘acceptable firearms,’ heavily regulates gun shows, requires citizens to ‘lock up their safety,’ and has a separate ‘gun free school zone’ statute. And yet none of this gun control hysteria has succeeded in stopping the current killing spree.”

The other two states in the “gun control trifecta” — California and Massachusetts — have recently suffered their own shooting sprees. In Massachusetts, Michael McDermott walked into his high tech place of employment and began killing his co-workers.

And in California, nationally publicized incidents in Los Angeles and San Diego have left liberal politicians scratching their heads for additional ways they could regulate firearms.

“It should be crystal clear, other than to gun control zealots with an anti-gun agenda, that gun control simply does not work,” said Pratt.

Also, while authorities don’t have all the facts yet, one is left to wonder if at least one of these tragedies could have been averted if there had been an armed citizen present.

“Just this year, two armed citizens stopped a shooter from killing faculty members and students at a law school in neighboring Virginia. After being taken into custody, the shooter told authorities that he had planned to kill others had he not been stopped by the armed civilians.”

Pratt also pointed out that, even though sniper-style shooting sprees are quite rare, armed citizens have long been one of societies best defenses. As far back as 1966, in a comparable attack at the University of Texas, an armed citizen played a key role in helping stop the sniper, thus saving many lives.