Ten Years After LA Riots, The City Still Fails To Learn Its Lesson

(Springfield, VA) — Gun Owners of America lamented today that on the 10-year anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, the city has still failed to learn its lesson regarding the failure of gun control. The riots began 10 years ago on April 29, 1992 after a jury acquitted two cops of using excessive force against motorist Rodney King. But ten years later, the city was once again in the news because of its anti-gun policies.

“When will city officials in Los Angeles learn that guns help save the lives of good people?” asked GOA Director of Communications Erich Pratt.

Ten years ago, Los Angeles was in complete turmoil for several days as stores were looted and burned. Unarmed motorists were dragged from their cars and beaten. Hundreds of people were injured. More than a dozen innocent citizens were killed.

“That was the fate of unarmed citizens,” Pratt said. “Thankfully, there were many who did have guns. In some of the hot spots, Korean merchants were able to successfully protect their stores with semi- automatic firearms.

“Others, in fear for their lives, ran to gun stores to attempt to buy their very first gun. To their shock and horror, they found there was a 15-day waiting period for firearms. And rather than lifting the waiting period so that good people could protect themselves, officials actually placed a moratorium on those who had passed their background checks. They were not allowed to pick up their firearms while the riots were in progress!

“The lesson was clear to many: guns helped citizens save their families and stores, while unarmed shopkeepers saw their businesses burn to the ground.

“Rather than learning from their mistakes, however, officials in Los Angeles have continued their anti-gun ways. Last week, the nation was once again reminded that the city still thinks that controlling firearms will keep criminals from preying on the innocent. What foolishness,” Pratt said.

In their zeal to blame guns, Los Angeles (and Alameda County) banned gun shows from being held on public property. Last week, the California supreme court ignored the constitutional rights of gun owners and ruled in favor of the two counties.

“Ironically, one of the stated reasons in Los Angeles for passing its gun show ban was a high crime rate. But L.A. County has made it virtually impossible to carry firearms. Isn’t that the lesson of gun control? Gun control makes people less safe!” Pratt said.

“Numerous studies have shown that jurisdictions which allow concealed carry have dropped their crime rates. Nationwide, as many as one half million people defend themselves with a firearm every year while they are away from home. That’s almost 1,500 a day.

“The benefits of owning guns are significant,” Pratt said, “but Los Angeles is discouraging its best form of crime control.”