OR: SB 348 Gun Ban is on the Move in the Senate!

Oregon Patriots, we need action now!

SB 348 — a bill that attacks the very existence of each law-abiding citizen in Oregon — is on the move in the Senate! As you may recall, Ballot Measure 114 was given an injunction by the courts from GOA’s Lawsuit, and we know this Ballot measure was unconstitutional to the people of Oregon.

So, what do the anti-gunners do? They created a bill with even more gun control and are trying to ban these guns legislatively, even stating that it was “tied up in state court.”

Senate Bill 348 attempts to disarm the law-abiding citizens of Oregon, while criminals run amok committing violent acts with little to no consequences.

SB 348 bans commonly owned rifles, limits ammo capacity, and more, which further infringes on the rights of Oregon citizens!

The anti-gun left will stop at nothing until they have turned the law-abiding gun owners of Oregon into felons and render them defenseless against criminals.

On Tuesday, April 4th, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Joint Subcommittee on Ways and Means passed SB 348 on party lines. The Joint Subcommittee on Ways and Means also moved forward on HB 2005.

HB 2005 strips young adults of the right to purchase and possess modern firearms, bans personally manufactured firearms, and places vast and unspecified areas of Oregon off-limits to CHL holders.

The combination of these bills destroys your 2nd Amendment right in the state of Oregon.

So, please send a message to your state senator right away, urging them to oppose SB 348 and HB 2005.