An Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney

An Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney


Dear Governor Romney,

At the recent Conservative political Action Conference, you said in a speech that you were “severely conservative” as Governor of Massachusetts.

Are you still severely conservative? Because if you are, why don’t you answer the Gun Owners of America questionnaire on Second Amendment issues of concern to “conservative,” “moderate,” and even some “liberal” Americans.

We sent you a questionnaire not once, not twice but three times now. What did you send back? A form letter stating you are pro-Second Amendment — with absolutely nothing to back up this laughable claim.

As Governor, you were proudly anti-Second Amendment, but as you have with most issues, you have now changed your stripes to spots.

Do you want to clear up this possible misconception I (and most members of Gun Owners of America) have about you?

If you do, then call me at (916) 984-1400.

Even better, why don’t you fill out one of the THREE GOA questionnaires we’ve sent to you so that millions of American gun owners will know where you stand?

Love to hear from you.


Tim Macy

Vice Chairman

Gun Owners of America


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