The View: ‘Get a Gun’ To Protect Yourself and Your Children

On the July 29 airing of The View, three of the four people on a panel agreed women need a gun in the house to protect themselves and their children.

The panelists were Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy, Fox News’ Juliet Huddy, and ABC’s Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer. The only panelist “who didn’t want a gun in the house” was Spencer. 

According to, the segment about guns began with the airing of an Everytown for Gun Safety commercial. But instead of following the commercial with talk about how America needs more gun control, Shepherd talked about a time when the alarm in her home when off and she ran to her son’s bedroom and came to the to realization that the only thing she had with which to defend him and herself was “a daggone wicker trash basket.”

McCarthy echoed Shepherd, saying: “I’ve been in circumstances like Sherri where, you know people tried to break in and I was with my son going, ‘I wish I had something to protect myself with.'”

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