Fort Hood shooting repeat renews calls for ending gun restrictions on base

The fatal shooting Wednesday at Fort Hood, the second in less than five years, has renewed calls for Congress and the Defense Department to end restrictions on servicemembers carrying weapons on post.

According to the Army, the gunman in Wednesday’s shooting was carrying a handgun that was not registered at Fort Hood. He was able to kill three before killing himself, and wound 16.

Lawmakers, as well as survivors of the 2009 shooting, claim he could have been stopped sooner if others on base had their weapons by their side.

“When our soldiers are unarmed, they will find themselves in a situation like yesterday and in 2009,” Sgt. Howard Ray, a survivor of the 2009 mass shooting in which 13 people were killed, told Fox News.

One source who was at the scene when the Fort Hood lockdown was ordered Wednesday also raised concerns about current DOD policy.

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