Right-Wing Mobs? No, A Cleaning Crew.

I was not with Ann Coulter in her support of Chris Christie for President. And it took me a lot longer to get to Romney. Ann went to him once it became clear Christie wasn’t running.

I waited till all the others were eliminated. But I like Ann and I find myself with her more often than not. But not with her defense of Mitch McConnell.

In her syndicated column, Ann defends McConnell’s record on immigration and refers to RedState’s posts on McConnell as “nonsensical jeremiads against McConnell on the RedState blog.” I am glad she’s reading us. But I think Ann makes some errors about Mitch McConnell and glosses over some key details.

First, Ann refers to Mitch McConnell as the “the Ted Cruz of campaign finance laws.” McConnell has also been a great warrior against campaign finance reform. He should be commended. But one issue does not a hero make. Further, as Larry Pratt of Gun Owners for America has pointed out, when McCain-Feingold made it to the floor of the Senate, McConnell pressured other Republican Senators to just let him handle it. He decided on a lawsuit strategy, let the legislation pass, then took it to the Supreme Court. He lost his case.

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