The World’s Worst Idea

Comes news that House GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy has endorsed comprehensive legalization for persons unlawfully in this country, and predicts the entire House “leadership team” may follow suit.

Presumably, the leadership epiphany will be embodied in the “immigration principles” which House Speaker John Boehner will unveil at this year’s appropriately named “Republican retreat.”

Thus, this package is expected to include:

-a legalization “pathway to amnesty,” in which between 1.7 million and 11.5 million illegals will be brought out of the shadows and given every incentive to work day and night in order to destroy Republicans and elect Democrats;

-a GOP-backed “ for jobs,” in which every American will have to get the government’s go-ahead in order to work, even in menial jobs like babysitters and gardeners;

-a delusional notion that Barack Obama can be trusted to “secure the borders” when it’s no longer in his political interest to do so; and

-specialized visas which will be nothing more than enormous “amnesty loopholes.”

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