Revealed: Dispirited Obama “Shocked” He Couldn’t Get Gun Control Passed After Newtown Massacre

David Remnick, author of the new nearly 17,000 word profile of President Barack Obama in the New Yorker, revealed in a podcast interview this week that a dispirited Obama told him that he misread the “moment in political history” and was shocked he could not get gun control measures passed in the wake of the December 2012 Newtown, Ct., Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which a lone gunman killed twenty children and six adults.

Remnick left this revelation out of his 18 page article which was based on numerous in depth interviews with Obama. Remnick did not devote anything of substance in the article to Obama’s gun control failure except to note he couldn’t get it done. This is curious because the way Remnick describes it, this was an enormous political failure that took a toll on Obama . Remnick should have explored this further and reported on it.

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