UC Merced Mass Stabbing Comes Weeks After Jerry Brown Bans Campus Carry

The November 4 mass stabbing at University of California Merced comes just weeks after Governor Jerry Brown barred concealed carry permit holders from carrying guns on campus for self-defense.

An exemption in California law had allowed concealed permit holders to keep guns on their persons on campus for self-defense until October 10, when Brown signed Senator Lois Wolk’s (D-Davis) ban on campus carry.

Breitbart News previously reported that Faisal Mohammad’s knife attack was unimpeded when it began around 8 a.m. on Wednesday. In fact, kicks from a construction worker who intervened after the first of the stabbings constituted the only resistance Mohammad faced prior to being cornered by campus police moments later. Yet by the time police cornered Mohammad he had already stabbed four people.

What if a witness in the classroom where the attack began had been armed? What if a student outside, where the last of the stabbings occurred, had been armed?

The answers to these questions cannot be known because Brown–together with his Democrat colleagues in the assembly–guaranteed that law-abiding citizens would be unarmed, just like everyone else.

But the value of having a gun for self-defense is not lost on everyone.

Byron Price–the construction worker who kicked at Mohammad to keep him from getting close enough to ram his knife into a vital organ–indicated that the whole experience changed his mind on concealed carry. Your Valley Central reports that Price “now thinks differently about having a concealed weapon” and “wishes he had one while…[the mass stabbing] unfolded.”

Here’s the bad news–it’s too late. Governor Brown, Senator Wolk, and all their Democrat colleagues have already decided concealed carry permit holders have to be defenseless on campus, just like everyone else. In making that decision Democrats failed to note that where guns are banned, the man with a knife is king.

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