Why the Gun Vote Counts

Why the Gun Vote Counts

November 8 is almost synonymous with doomsday for many voters as they listen to the debates and hear the attacks on the Constitution. This may discourage voters from casting a ballot this election. Nonetheless, there is still hope in this election thanks to organizations like Gun Owners of America (GOA). They work tirelessly to vet candidates and select those best to defend the Second Amendment. 

GOA has even created a Congressional Voter Guide to help constituents see how each candidate approaches Second Amendment issues. Every office filled with a Second Amendment defender is vital to the life of this country. Gun rights can and will be preserved if gun owners stand their ground. 

GOA’s voting guide is an essential tool in deciding who to vote for in this election. Known as the “no compromise” gun lobby, GOA is the highest standard when grading politicians and candidates running for office. The GOA voting guide will provide the best options for defending Second Amendment rights. 

The fall of the Second Amendment could lead to destruction of the rest of the Bill of Rights. A defenseless populace would give liberals the ability to scrape away every ounce of liberty our founders envisioned and so many have given their lives to defend.

If every gun owner follows GOA’s voting guide the Second Amendment has a fighting chance. But this can’t be done without your help. The Second Amendment is on the line, not only for the next four years, but also because Supreme Court decisions like DC v Heller hang in the balance.

Share the voting guide, post it on social media, tell friends and family about it, and go vote. Do your part to protect the Second Amendment from the tyrants who wish to demolish it. 

Cassy Ford is a guns rights activist at Liberty University. Follow her on Twitter: @gungirl96