Clinton Says Court’s Heller Decision Endangers Toddlers

Presidential Debate: Hillary Grossly Misrepresents Court’s Heller Decision

During the Oct. 19 presidential debate Hillary Clinton said she was upset by the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v Heller because it endangers toddlers.

Clinton said in this response to a line of questions revolving around the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and the Second Amendment.

Moderator Chris Wallace pointed out that in 2015, Clinton said, “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.” This statement referred to the Heller decision, so he asked her to explain her opposition to that ruling.

Clinton’s response began with her saying she supports the Second Amendment. She then segued to talking about the various gun controls she wants to enact and finally, to claiming the Heller decision endangers toddlers….

In reality, the Heller decision was largely about the Washington DC handgun ban that took effect in 1976. That ban was contained in Firearms Control Regulations Act (FCRA), which also contained requirements that any rifles or shotguns be disassembled or otherwise rendered inoperable while  in the home. CBS News reported that Sterling Tucker — DC City Council chairman when the FCRA was passed — made clear that banning handguns was the central focus. Tucker said, “Handgun crimes were just getting out of sight. We had to isolate and contain the problem. We thought a handgun law would do that.”

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