Brady Campaign cites massacre in Nairobi, to advocate Nairobi-like gun laws here

Brady Campaign president Dan Gross made the curious argument in the Huffington Post Monday that all “gun violence” in the U.S. is, in effect, terrorism–a position he stakes out from the very beginning, with the title “Isn’t It All Really Terrorism?”:

The reality is, as an advocate for gun reform, I am also, in a very real way, fighting terror.

Right, Dan–you and the Brady Campaign are just like SEAL Team Six.

He eventually gets around to acknowledging a “literal difference” between “gun violence” and terrorism, but dismisses that difference because “we are being terrorized” (what do you mean by “we”?)–because, evidently, anything that frightens some people is “terrorism.”

Next, he reminds readers of the horror of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and then, astonishingly, claims that the “impact on our society” of terrorism and “gun violence” is “one and the same.” Apparently, though, he does not mean that the impact on our society of terrorism has been plummeting for decades, and is now at a 42-year low, as is the case with violent crime.

But so far he has only been warming up for his real assault on rationality. Here he goes:

The last two weeks have seen three horrific acts of mass gun violence: the shooting at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard; thirteen shot in a park in Chicago, including a three year-old boy; and a horrific terrorist attack in Nairobi.

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