Stealing the 2016 Presidential Election

Originally posted in the New York Analysis of Policy & Government newsletter

The lack of voter trust in the integrity of the voting process, blatant acts of rule breaking by the Clinton machine, and a refusal by judges to allow common sense voter ID measures to survive point to an upcoming election debacle unlike anything ever seen in U.S. history.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) (Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Since 2014, Democrat appointed judges have outnumbered Republican appointed judges. “This will affect America for a generation, long after the internecine battles on legislative issues are forgotten,” stated Senator Charles Schumer in a NY Times article.

With a greater inclination for judicial activism than their predecessors, current judges are having an impact in areas far beyond the traditional realm of the judicial branch. That expanded influence is becoming very pronounced in the area of elections.

Despite extensive, well-documented cases of voter fraud and many studies by nonpartisan (and even liberal-leaning) organizations that indicate voter registration rolls have significant numbers of ineligible and deceased voters, courts are handing down decisions that strike down state voter ID laws.

True the Vote notes that:

The real threat is that recent federal court rulings against multiple states’ common-sense voter ID laws twist the Voting Rights Act from a law intended to stop racial discrimination into one that transfers the power to determine routine election procedures—which the Constitution delegates to the states—to the judiciary.

Judicial bias has encouraged activists seeking to undermine an honest balloting process.

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